A walk by Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster

If you ever pass through St. James Park underground station take a detour down Queen Anne’s Gate and admire these magnificent buildings. Queen Anne’s Gate is an enchanting Georgian road. Many of the buildings are … Read more

A walk by Blewcoat School, Westminster

There are plenty of buildings and structures in London that date back centuries so there’s no shortage of historic attractions to visit. This little Listed Grade 1 building situated on Caxton Street, Westminster – a two-minute … Read more

A Short History of the Quill Pen

Early humans scraped pictures onto cave walls with small sharp stones. Those marks illustrated their daily lives and history – their story. Over several millennia, those early cave drawings evolved into symbols, and in 600 … Read more

Newgate Prison London

Newgate Prison, Hell On Earth

Riddled with disease, filthy and unhealthy, London’s Newgate prison was demolished in the early 1900s and is said to have been one of the worst and most notorious prisons in history. History So named because … Read more